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DREAM 硝子の TEARS 都会で 迷ったとき私の名前呼んでみて DREAM 何にも TEARS 出来ない でもあなたの肩を抱いてきっと愛の歌を 窓のそばの陽だまりで 歌うでしょう


DREAM セピアの TEARS 写真に 集まってるすまし顔した家族たち DREAM 心は TEARS アルバム 夢のように過ぎてしまう日々の1頁に 今あなたの微笑みを そっと貼るの

DREAM おもちゃの TEARS ピアノで 昔 母が歌ってくれた子守歌 DREAM 時間は TEARS 五線紙 いつの日にかあなたに似た子供胸に抱いて 窓のそばの陽だまりで 歌うでしょう


原文 译文

ぴあの(English Version)
Lyrics:Tim Jensen
Composition & Arrangement:Joe Hisaishi
Vocal:Jakie Sheridan

作词:Tim Jensen
演唱:Jakie Sheridan

Dreams, lost in the rain Tears, in city lights If you are feeling cold I will know Just call my name And I'll comfort you No, don't be afraid Yes, I'll always know Anything that you want I'll do, because I know you'll be there When I need you too By the windows quiet light Think of your smile and I sing this song for you


Dreams, you gave to me Tears, you wiped away When words were not enough You simply held out your hand And soften my fears No, I won't forget Yes, I've always known Our life's a picture book We make a story and Everyday we fill in one more page I know words are only words But it is everything Just living life with you

Dreams, I keep inside Tears, I sometimes hide No, I have no regerets It's simply just a part of This warm lullaby You, you're part of me Me, I'm part of you I had a dream last night I saw this tiny face


专辑名称 发行时间 曲目名称编曲演唱时长
地上的乐园1994-07-27ぴあの(English Version) 久石让、Nick Ingman 、 Jakie Sheridan 4:06
MELODY Blvd.1995-01-25Piano (Re-Mix) 久石让 Jakie Sheridan 4:02
JOE HISAISHI Best Selection1999-12-22钢琴(英文版)
ぴあの(English Version)